Sunday, February 22, 2009


MBO known as MCAT BOX OFFICE Sdn Bhd started in 2003. It arrived at Melaka Mall unnoticed in June 2007. After quite some time, students of MMU and the residents around Ayer Keroh start to pour in money to the cinema operator. Now, I'm one of the movie goers since the opening of MBO. Every week I'll be there. hehe.

MBO located at the MELAKA MALL which I think was owned by Parkson kua. Cuz the Parkson words is longer than MBO. Hahaha ^^ Let mi show u:

Not bad, look from the Bear Hills

Aiyah, Lampu Tiang buat kacau only T.T
LMAO~ So many cars parked at Melaka Mall but all go to Jusco. Wakaka
(Click on d pic to enlarge)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Myself & MBO

Hi, my name is Calvin, I'm from Terengganu. This is an edited part after some thoughts la.
Since I gotta cut short on my 1st post, so I'll make it up short and simple.

I love movies, I love TV, I love screen. Most of all, I love the "red carpet". That's why I choose MBO. MBO is near, save my time, my money and my petrol. LOLx.

Hopefully, my following posts are ok, and may those who love to watch movies at cinema would find my blog interesting.