Friday, May 1, 2009


Someone actually took videos of Melaka MBO! I thought I'm the one daring to take so many photos of MBO. Ish~~~ >.<
Here's some of the videos..Now, you get better view of MBO. HAHA

Sunday, April 26, 2009

MBO membership privilege

MBO is relatively new compare to GSC and TGV. Since it's new, they need to promote more and etc. One of it which I like the most is this: GOLDEN TICKETS! For those who had applied the membership card, MBO will send to u the Golden Tickets for your birthday. I definitely love it to the max. The design is nice and it makes me feel important and I'm very delighted to receive it. Thanks MBO! haha

MBO Tickets

Here are some of the tickets of MBO. It's been a lont time since I went for a movie because of many assignments. XD Behind these tickets as you will see are the terms and conditions of MBO. Kinda strict but hey, piracy is bad right? haha. Oh ya, after you have top up your membership card, they will give a receipt which look like the tickets. LOL. I have no idea on why they want to use the ticket-quality-paper for the receipt.

Monday, April 20, 2009

List of MBO cineplex

For you who are not in Melaka and yet want to feel the thrill and experience at MBO, here are some of other MBO locations. MBO has 6 cineplex but i'll just show you the location of 4 MBO cineplex.

MBO Cineplex Ampang
Location: Galaxy Ampang KL

MBO Cineplex Kluang
Location: Kluang Parade, Kluang Johor

MBO Cineplex Terminal 2 Seremban
Location:Terminal 2 Shopping Complex
Era Square, Seremban

MBO Cineplex Batu Pahat
Location: Square One Shopping Mall, Batu Pahat

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, here's some photos which previously I did not post it up yet because I'm not sure to post in under which categories. haha.